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Pica Kemi

Protecting values

Pica Kemi

environmentaly friendly products

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All you need for Graffiti Removal, Façade cleaning and Hydrophobic treatments

Welcome to Pica AB

For over 15 years Pica AB have manufactured products for Graffiti Removal, Graffiti Protection and different types of water repellants.

We know that the cheapest and best way to keep Graffiti away is to protect as many surfaces as possible. We do our utmost to supply our customers with the best and most efficient Graffiti Protectors on the Market.

A good way to reduce maintenance costs on facades is to treat the surface with Hydrophobants. Please check our Hydrphobants for what suits your needs best.

All our Products meet the very highest Environmental Standards and are approved by the Swedish Road and Rail Administration.

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